Support: Bike and Body

Shared Responsibility - We will do our best to support you when you’re out there riding with well-stocked rest stops and roving SAG vehicles, but we can’t be everywhere at once. You should still come prepared with the tools you need to fix a flat or do your own minor repairs, as you would on any long distance ride. You should also bring your cell phone and carry it with you or ride with someone who has a phone. There are some areas on our routes where phone service may be spotty. We recommend you carry emergency food just in case.

SAG Number and Pick Up Service - We will have a phone number you can call if you need to be picked up, but unless your timing is impeccable it may take us a bit of time to get a vehicle to you. Depending on the situation, you may be transported to the nearest rest stop or back to headquarters.

Mechanical Support - We will have bike mechanics available at Georgetown College and at selected rest stops both days. They will have the tools and equipment to make basic repairs, but will not be able to do complicated or lengthy repairs. Please make sure to have your bike checked out and in good working order before you head to Georgetown. Mechanics will not charge for labor or minor adjustments and repairs, however you may be asked to pay for any parts or supplies used by the mechanics in repairing your bike. Please make sure you have money with you just in case.

Rest Stops - Rest stops will be provided on both Saturday and Sunday approximately every 15 miles. Our food and rest stops team has carefully selected food items and drinks that will nourish and sustain you so that you can finish your ride in good form. Riders on our long routes (74 and 100 miles) will have an enhanced rest stop in Cane Ridge?/Millersburg? – More substantial fare to get you through the second half of your ride. Our popular ice cream floats at Lemons Mill rest stop will be back again this year for all routes!

On Sunday, we’ve continued to offer four routes, and our popular 75 mile route for those who want a good, long ride prior to heading home! There will be five rest stops operating on Sunday with a broad selection of items.

And no, we won’t have every single thing you want at every rest stop – that would be impossible with over 2,000 participants – but we promise we will have what you need to get you comfortably through the day.

Showers – Showers will be available after the ride on both Saturday and Sunday at Georgetown College.

Big bike storage - Overnight tandem and recumbent storage will be available on site at Georgetown College.

Bike Shipping - Traveling to the Horsey Hundred and need to ship your bike, check out Bike Flights for some assistance.